Wooden Doors & Windows

The Union Carpenter Paros EXPA was established in 1981.

EXPA (Carpenters Association of Paros) has been exclusively active in the construction and installation of wooden door and window frames since 1981. Initially the Association was comprised of eight members, carpenters by trade, specialising in shops, who decided to pool their knowledge targeting a dynamic presence and dominance in the Paros market.

 Doors and windows in all shapes and sizes as well as custom projects (sliding doors and windows both overlapping and in-wall, horizontally rotating, collapsible, vertical sliding windows etc.) are constructed out of the highest quality wood.

 Raw Oak is imported from central Europe and is finished in EXPA’s workshops. Merandi is imported from Indonesia with German specifications. EXPA’s specialised technicians finish the wood by hand. Painting is a four step process in special temperature controlled areas using AKZO-NOBEL paint from Germany. Double glazed windows are 26cm thick and Seigenia E-Look window mechanisms from Germany with a special metallurgical coating are installed.

The durability of the windows and doors in the “salty” atmospheric conditions of the Aegean has been tested and they are provided with a 12 year written guarantee. Client requirements including superior quality and swift service are fulfilled by the know-how of the staff and state-of-the-art mechanical and technological equipment at the EXPA facility.

EXPA quality management systems are ISO 9001 and CE certified.